, Market Commentary 10/27/2023

Market Commentary 10/27/2023

Even the Experts Perplexed By Market

, Market Commentary 10/27/2023
10/27/2023 Market Sector Watch, CNBC

If you find yourself puzzled by the current state of the markets, you’re not alone. We’ve engaged in extensive conversations with experts from various sectors over the past week, and here’s a glimpse of their insights.

Hedge Fund Manager & Distressed Debt Manager

The landscape has become perplexing. The economy seems to be slowing down, yet consumers are still spending. Interest rates remain relatively stable, even in the face of adverse news. Surprisingly, positive tech stock numbers have had little impact on the overall market. We’re exploring opportunities in subprime credit, but our bids are struggling to gain traction due to excess liquidity and intense competition. It underscores the tremendous cash influx in recent years, and perhaps the Fed’s restraint hasn’t been stringent enough. Nonetheless, there are signs of an economic slowdown, with consumers depleting their savings. Subprime auto loans are showing signs of significant stress, a concerning development.

Head of Lending at a Large Warehouse Bank

Housing prices have held steady despite soaring rates, largely because a significant number of individuals secured mortgages below 5%. This has limited the housing supply and kept prices elevated, even as mortgage rates have tripled in some cases. While there’s a possibility of rates plummeting due to geopolitical risks, such as a three-front war or escalation, it’s currently more of a low-probability scenario than a base-case expectation. We are carefully watching the market and may pull back on some lending lines should there be more deterioration in the bond market.

Regional Home Builder

We’re witnessing robust activity, but rising input and interest rates, along with increased incentives, have eroded our profitability. We’re now investing in better technology to meticulously manage costs. We were caught off guard by how off our cost estimates were, and this realization came too late.

Plastic Surgeon

Despite continued customer demand for aesthetic procedures, there’s an increasing trend of customers seeking financing for these services. Strangely, September was not a strong month for us.

E-Commerce Marketing Firm

We’re busier than ever, with numerous businesses transitioning to fully automated e-commerce platforms. For many companies still relying on legacy systems, it’s a do-or-die situation, so there’s no sign of slowing down.

Owner of a Large Toyota Dealership

Business is good but not great, but there are indications of a slowdown as inventory accumulates, and supply chains face challenges.

Multiple Realtors

There are deals in the market, but the competition remains fierce, especially in the 1 to 4 million dollar price range in Southern California.

When considering all the perspectives together, where does this leave us?

Consumers continue to spend, but perhaps years of low rates and a robust economy have created a sense of complacency. Yet, indicators like subprime debt and certain high-frequency metrics suggest a slowdown. Inflation has ceased its ascent but remains distant from the Fed’s 2% target. Savings are dwindling. Until now, the real estate sector has been relatively unscathed, with the primary impact felt in office properties. However, with 5% Treasury rates looming, other segments are likely to feel the effects. Equities had a challenging week, even in the wake of a nearly 5% GDP growth report, leaving a somber mood. Our sense, if we were to hazard a guess, is that the economy might be on the brink of a recession. However, it’s worth acknowledging that those who’ve been on recession watch have been premature in their predictions. With two job openings for every job seeker, the job market remains tight.

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