Q2 2023 Transaction Spotlights

Throughout the second quarter of 2023, Insignia Mortgage has solidified California’s Jumbo Loan Experts. Our portfolio of jumbo loan successes this past quarter is a testament to our team’s dedication to surpassing client expectations.

Q2 2023 Transaction Spotlights

$9 Million, 75% LTV, 5.500% APR

The highly qualified borrower was seeking maximum leverage on a new home purchase. His financials were difficult to analyze due to the major expansion of his company over the last year, which affected net income. An additional challenge in closing the transaction was coordinating with a very nervous seller, who was quite worried as the two previous buyers could not obtain financials.

$2.2 Million, 80% LTV, 6.250% APR

Insignia Mortgage was approached by a client looking to close escrow on a property with 2 missing bathrooms. The borrower wanted to complete the remodel of the bathrooms himself. Insignia located a lender willing to close on the unfished property and allow the borrower to complete the remodel himself.

$4.6 Million, 43% LTV, 6.500% APR

The borrower approached Insignia Mortgage for an Owner Occupied Construction Loan after the purchase of a lot. The borrower recently sold his business and is being paid a salary over the next few years by the company. Insignia Mortgage was able to locate a lender that was able to use the client’s balance sheet and income to qualify for the Owner Occupied Construction Loan.

$980K, 43% LTV, 8.500% APR

The borrower required a DSCR loan after being turned down for a bank statement loan on the property. Funds were going to pay off another debt. Insignia Mortgage was able to locate a max LTV lender who was also OK with vesting the property in an LLC and providing cash out.

$3.05 Million, 80% LTV, 8.475% APR

The borrower was looking for maximum leverage on a new home purchase using his business bank statements. Insignia Mortgage located a lender that provided 80% financing and LLC vesting with a closing in under 20 days

$1 Million, 68% LTV, 6.250% APR

Insignia Mortgage canvased the lending marketplace for a sharp pencil 30-year fixed-rate loan for this very qualified borrower. Our hard work paid off as we were able to locate the best-priced option and won the deal for our client.

$2.1 Million, 50% LTV, 8.500% APR

The borrower was looking for a loan program that would not verify income, as she was self-employed and she earned income both domestically and abroad. Given the complexity of her financials, it was decided to utilize a no-income or employment verification loan program.

$1.62 Million, 80% LTV, 5.875% APR

The borrower just moved from New York to California. After renting for a month, he found a condo in Marina Del Rey he wanted to purchase. Insignia Mortgage was able to locate a lender with below-market rates to quickly close the loan with no origination costs.