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Bridge Loans

High-end residential developer financing and bridge loans

Looking for a bank-financed or privately placed construction loan, construction take-out loan, or fix and flip rehab loan? Take advantage of Insignia Mortgage’s long-standing relationships with lenders who close on time, make fast decisions, and honor their terms.

Bank Financed and Bridge Construction Loans

  • Insignia Mortgage leverages the unique relationships we’ve developed with boutique commercial banks and private investors to underwrite 1-4 single family residence and apartment building ground up and value-add construction loans.
  • The loan process is quick and does not require your tax returns to qualify. Instead, you provide a personal financial statement and work experience history as a property developer, as well as details about the professional team you’re hiring for your project. Loans are available from $1- 25 million. Letters of intent (LOI) are provided by the lender usually within 48 hours of a streamlined financial and project related package.
Interest Rate
No tax return required.
Press Highlights

Our Bridge Loan Program has the following added features:


48-72 hour Letter of
Intent (LOI), close as
quickly as 14 days.


Interest rates from


Access to
managed real estate
hedge funds with local
market knowledge.


Unique relationship with local commercial banks,
credit unions, and family offices
within the California property market


Construction Take Out Loans

While not widely known, construction take-out loans are available for up to $25 million dollars. (Minimum $1 million dollars). Your project is expected to be near completion and loan amounts are limited to 60% of ‘as completed’ value. 

Much like with loans for more traditional construction projects, a deep dive into your finances is not required. Rather, the focus is on the project costs and property valuation. That said, you are expected to have experience with property development and a professional construction team in place. Letters of intent (LOI) are provided by the lender usually within 48 hours of a streamlined financial and project related package.

Fix and Flip Rehabs Loans

Unlike construction loans, fix and flip loans offer higher leverage and a speedier process from application to funding, with most transaction closing in as little as 5 days and most transaction close within 10 days. Led by Noah Furie, an industry pioneer in the space, the expert team at Insignia is here to guide you through the streamlined fix and flip lending process, whether you’re a seasoned pro or a newer developer.

The Insignia Mortgage acquisition and fix and flip lending programs do not require tax returns. However, you will need to provide bank statements with the source of the down payment and three months of loan payment reserves. Loan amounts are available from $150,000 up to 1.5 million with leverage up to 90% of the acquisition price. Your Fico score must be above 650 to qualify for this program. 

Key Features

  • Loans from $150,000 to $25 million.
  • Interest-only loan fixed rate loan options and interest reserve for up to 30 months available including on construction and construction take-out loans.
  • Loans available for LLCs, limited partnerships, corporations, and irrevocable trusts. 
  • Close as quickly as 7 days for fix and flip loans and 14 days for bridge construction loans.
  • Custom loan structures available, including interest-only, limited recourse and cross-collateralized and blanket loans.
  • No tax returns required to qualify for most products.
  • Foreign borrowers welcome.
  • No prepayment penalties.
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