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Investment Property Loans

Stated income business purpose and no-tax return loan programs designed specifically for residential property investors and high-end residential developers.

Investment Property Loans, 1 – 4 Units

Insignia Mortgage has a deep understanding of real estate investors and long-standing relationships with local lenders who underwrite investment property loans with or without tax returns. We leverage a variety of underwriting methodologies to assess which program best fits with your financial profile. This includes focusing solely on property cashflow or valuation.

Alternatively, we offer programs with highly competitive interest rates that account for both rental property cashflow, as well as your income statement and balance sheet. Our lenders also make loans directly to LLC limited partnerships (LP) or corporations and provide interest-only adjustable-rate mortgages (ARM’s) with no limit to cash-out proceeds.

In addition, we offer interest-only loans that can massively aid property cashflow. Most loan programs for rental and investment properties carry no prepayment penalty. Rates are fixed from 3 years up to 10 years. Loan terms are typically 30 years.

Debt Service Coverage Ratio (DSCR) Loans, 1-4 Units

DSCR loans do not require tax returns as part of the underwriting process. The focus of the underwriting is centered around your credit score and the property rental income. For purchases, the appraiser will complete a rental survey unless the property is currently rented. For refinances, a lease is usually required to be in place but there is some flexibility with this requirement, especially if the property has new construction or has recently been upgraded.  The final loan amount will be determined by the lender after a review of the appraisal and the rental survey from the appraiser. This loan option is reserved solely for vacation rentals and investment property 1-4 unit single family homes.

DSCR loans are available up to $15 mm. We also offer interest only adjustable-rate mortgages (ARM) programs. Loans may be structured with or without prepayment penalties with no limit for cash-out. LLC, corporation or limited partnership vesting structures are welcomed.


Insignia Mortgage Earns Nationwide Top Producers Ranking for the 5th year In a Row.

1 - 4 Unit Investment Property Loans
5/1 ARM 1
Interest Rate
($500,000 - $10,000,000)
Irrevocable Trust, Blind Trust, LP &
LLC Vesting OK
Press Highlights

Key Features


  • Loans from $500,000 up to $25 million specifically designed for residential 1 – 4 single-family residences.
  • Interest-only rental property loan options OK.
  • LLCs, limited partnerships, corporations and irrevocable trusts OK.
  • Cash-out OK up to 60% of appraised value. No limit on cash out proceeds.
  • Stated income (business purpose) investment property loan programs up to $5.1 million with interest only available. Maximum loan-to-value 60% of appraised value.
  • Custom loan structures for rental property and investment property homes, including interest-only cross-collateralized and blanket loans.
  • No tax returns required to qualify. Borrower’s qualification is based on cashflow from the subject property or borrower income statement and balance sheet. Better interest rates available with fully disclosed financials.
  • Foreign borrowers and real estate investors welcomed.
  • Loan options with no prepayment penalty available.

Our Investment Property Loan Program has the following added features:


48-72 hour Letter of
Intent (LOI), close as
quickly as 14 days.


Loan options with no
prepayment penalty.


Loan options with no
prepayment penalty.


LLC, blind trust, irrevocable trust, and corporate vesting welcomed.


Transaction Spotlight

The Situation

We recently closed on a $4.5 million interest-only rental property loan for a luxury rental property in Newport Coast, CA. The lender took into consideration the property’s rental income, as well as the borrower’s income statement and real estate assets in making the loan. The borrower was coming out of a 1031 exchange and needed to close quickly. The borrowing entity was an LLC. The borrower faced severe tax consequences if he did not close within 25 days.

The Solution

Insignia Mortgage found a regional lender to provide a 65% adjustable rate mortgage with interest only. The loan was fixed for 5 years, carried a 30-year term, and was free of any pre-payment penalties. We closed in less than 25 days.

The Loan Details

  • $4.5 million dollar interest only ARM loan.
  • 65% LTV.
  • 4.883% APR, plus 1.5% points.
  • The borrower was an LLC. The guarantor was an individual.
  • No prepayment penalty.
  • 21-day close of escrow.
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