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Complex and Interest-Only Loans

Access a wide range of interest-only & amortizing loans.

Insignia Mortgage focuses on large and often complex transactions for high net-worth clients, delivering individualized lending solutions that are tailored to our lenders’ requirements as well as our clients’ needs. We take an individualized approach to lending, designed to grasp all the complexities, choose the right lending product, consider layered tax scenarios, structure the loan, and properly present the loan to our lender-partners. We call this Individualized Lending.

Individualized Lending gets its arms around financial complexity, providing lending solutions that take into account challenges faced by our clients, including, real estate investors, retirees, foreign national and self-employed clients. Critical stages of this process include a deeper understanding of a client’s business and assets, thorough review by our in-house CPA as part of cash-flow discovery and use of a problem-solution storytelling structure that mitigates risk.

We offer a suite of interest-only and fully amortizing loan products that match borrowers with regional and local banks that are equipped to understand the most complicated loan scenario. We also offer unique refinance solutions for adjustable rate mortgages (ARM’s) that are about to or have reset to a higher interest rate, including long-term interest-only loan options for borrowers with atypical financials or a more unusual refinance scenario.

  • Access to local credit unions, regional California banks, and New York money-center banks.
  • Interest-only jumbo ARMs and competitive fixed rate mortgages up to $15 million with as little as 20% down payment. Co-signer permitted and cross-collateralization OK.
  • Special home loan programs designed for high-net-worth borrowers who must take title in LLC, limited partnership, corporation, or irrevocable trust.
  • High leverage jumbo loans including an interest-only mortgage for 1031 exchanges and second homes: 80% maximum loan to value.
  • 10% down payment program up to a purchase price of $1,890,000. Jumbo-interest-only 1st mortgage and 2nd lien HELOC. No private mortgage insurance required.
  • Niche underwriting such as discounting NOL’s, short-term rental income, one-year tax return program, and valuing non-publicly traded assets.
  • Restricted stock units (RSU) may be used for income and assets.
3/1 ARM Interest Only 1
Interest Rate
3/1 ARM Interest Only
($500,000 - $10,000,000)
Irrevocable Trust, Blind Trust, LP &
LLC Vesting OK
Press Highlights

Our Complex and Interest-Only Loan Program has the following added features:


Various income sources used in income analysis including recent income.


Liquid asset consumption as part of income analysis.


Interest-only programs available for primary, second home, and investment properties.


LLC, blind trust, irrevocable trust and corporate vesting welcomed.


Transaction Spotlight

The Situation

We recently helped a client who is a CEO of a large public entertainment firm with a new home purchase. To mitigate the tax consequences of selling his stock, Insignia Mortgage provided a cash-out departing residence loan for $4 million dollars while also providing $11 million-dollar financing for the purchase.

The Solution

Insignia Mortgage underwrote the cash flow and utilized restricted stock units (RSU) as reserves. A vesting structure was set up to accommodate the client’s request for privacy.

The Loan Details

  • $15 million loan amount
  • 30-year fixed-rate mortgage
  • 3.442% APR
  • Closed in a blind trust
  • 25-day close of escrow
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